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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Holy Quran: 2nd Most Wanted Christmas present in Denmark.

The holy quran is being sold in Denmark like never before this christmas!

News sources reported that the increased public interest in Islamic teachings in Denmark is pushing everyone to bookstores looking for a Danish copy of the Quran. Christian newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad reported that the holy Quran is currently the 2nd most wanted Christmas present this year.

Islamic studies expert Jّrgen Simonsen explains the high demand for Danish copies of the Quran as another link in the chain reaction created by the controversial issue of a Danish newspaper's (Jyllands-Posten) intimidating cartoons of prophet Mohammed peace be upon him. "One cannot avoid being offered media content about Islam when listening to radio, watching TV, or reading a magazine." A reasercher of Kristeligt Dagblad commented on this interesting observation.

Nejad: Al-Mahdi and Jesus Are Coming Out Soon!

During a speech to Iranian masses in the city of Kermanshah, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmedinejad announced to the world that the two saviors of Muslims and Christians are coming out to this world again very soon. "What would Christians do if Jesus came out to them today? Which governments would he keep, and which would he replace?" he said, directing his questions to Christians all over the world.

Nejad also added that the scope of oppression, wars, and crimes against humanity is unfortunately expanding while the whole world is blindfolded. "I am here to announce to you that the days of sufferance will be gone soon. Jesus will come out next to Al-Mahdi, and they'll both cleanse our world from all evils."

The fifty years old president also spoke about the Holocaust research conference in Tehran and confirmed his country's Islamic laws allow everyone to freely research about and also deny the reality of the Holocaust.

Foreign participants in the conference were glad to speak to Nejad and freely expressed their gratitude for giving researchers the chance to meet and freely discuss their opinions about the Holocaust.

Source: Elaph Electronic Newspaper.